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Mr Vegas delivers “Soul Therapy” at Exclusive Listening Party

Mr Vegas delivers “Soul Therapy” at Exclusive Listening Party


March 3rd, 2017

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New York, NY – Legendary reggae / dancehall artist Mr. Vegas wowed music fans in 2016 with the declaration that he was walking away to pursue music that aligned with his faith, and devotion to Christianity. With a new year, a new direction, and a new found anointing, Mr. Vegas delivers with his first gospel album, “Soul Therapy.”

“There’s something on this album for everyone, and it’s my sincere wish that the people who listen to it will hear the message of God and receive their deliverance,” the singer said.

The Listening Partyning Party and Q&A was held Feb. 23rd at the Hayaty NYC, hosted by Playbook Media Groups own’ Marie Driven. The intimate setting played perfect to the sounds of Mr. Vegas Soul Quenching ballads of greatness. Before every selection, Mr. Vegas gave a personal testimony which brought a more intense understanding to the songs focus. In attendance was some of New York’s elite media and Industry professionals who offered amazing input of the albums potential. In addition to the ambiance of “Soul Therapy’s” euphoric ushering of anointed sounds, the night was set by the tasteful bites of @saygracenyc and @kamoni_ice .


Soul Therapy is a 17 -track album that features the production of Grammy Award winning producers Jason Edmond, Cleve “Clevie” Brownie, Eddie Perez, Emerson Alley, Natel and Mr. Vegas himself. The albums opening track “I’m Delivered” featuring Glacia Robinson is a cry out to the lord asking for forgiveness.

“We are living in a world that’s sinking deeper and deeper into darkness. These are some very terrible and dreadful times and now more than ever we must call upon the Father for guidance and deliverance,” said Vegas.

The album is a collection of songs that are up close and personal walks with the Lord. On such songs as “Protect Me”, “I’m All That & More”, and I Come to You, Mr. Vegas expresses how grateful he is for God’s Mercy and Grace. The entire album takes you one step closer to God and is evident on the tracks, “We Need You Now”, “As Long As I Live” and “You Are Welcome.”

Purchase Mr Vegas Soul Therapy Today

Album is now available on ITunes, Spotify and Google Play.

Soul Therapy features Errol ‘Flaba’ Holt, Donald Dennis, Cleveland ‘Clevie’ Browne, Dalton Browne, Khan Mitchum, Carol Raymond McLaughlin, James “Sticx” Danson, Rafael Henrique Ferreira, Jason Edmond, Natel, Camilo Velandia, Kirk ‘Kirlkledove’ Bennett, Dale Emerson, Ronaldo Melo and Josh Esther.

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