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Listen To The Best Confluences Of Dancehall And Reggae Music In Artist Mr. Vegas’s Song ‘Te Amo (Remix)’

Listen To The Best Confluences Of Dancehall And Reggae Music In Artist Mr. Vegas’s Song ‘Te Amo (Remix)’


August 31st, 2020

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Celebrate life and its essence in all its glory with the musical confluence of Reggae and Dancehall in artist Mr. Vegas’s newly released song, ‘Te Amo (Remix)’.

(GuruObserver Editorial):- Kingston, Aug 30, 2020 ( – The definitions of musical standardizations are gradually dissolving into a scope of creative unanimity and Jamaican dancehall artist Mr. Vegas is a contemporary pioneer contributing to this cultural blend and conversion. He recently came out his single, Te Amo (Remix)that celebrates and sings the glory of life and freedom with all its heart. The song is defining crossover between reggae and dancehall strains that beautifully amalgamates cultural eccentricities into one course of creative progression. In collaboration with Yaksta and Topo La Maskara, the song emerges as a lyrical extravaganza that brightens up your day and aura and shows you the path to spiritual freedom. The themes and celebratory tones of the song are immensely captivating and take on a journey of soulful contemplation and inspiration.

Hailing from Kingston, Jamaica, Clifford Smith developed an affinity towards music since a very young age. Over the years, his style and artistic understanding of music evolved and in the past twenty years, he took his sound to reach the epitome of creative potential. The song ‘Te Amo (Remix)’ is an expressive cheer to his aura as an artist that establishes his creative abilities to yet another level of accomplishment. His music is a melting point of cultures and rhythms as he beautifully juxtaposes the elements of the song to bring out the best arrangements. He maintains linearity in his approach that pays tribute to his culture while keeping pace with the creative outspokenness of contemporary dancehall themes.

Some of the others in Mr. Vegas‘s soundscape that define his career as a creative breakthrough include ‘Bruk It Down’, ‘Whole Rule’, ‘Sweet Jamaica’, and ‘Love Zone’ among many others. His progressions are confident and straightforward and take the audience on a celebratory journey of creative fulfillment. His experience and wisdom speak for themselves in his work that further expands as influences and inspirations in the scope of the extant music industry. From his vocal control to his sense of arrangements and styles, he truly taking music to reach its zenith of creative attainment. Follow his journey of a musical resurgence on YouTube, TwitterFacebookInstagram, and his official website right away.

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