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Mr. Vegas Reveals the Inspiration behind new album Ism

Mr. Vegas Reveals the Inspiration behind new album Ism


July 25th, 2018

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New York, NY — Mr. Vegas has made a name for himself within the dancehall and reggae genres and with the release of his new album Ism is showing the world the evolution of his artistry. He has stayed true to himself by recording songs that reflect the real life experiences he’s been going through while his career progressed. The internationally acclaimed singer’s spiritual journey continues, from church to ‘Ism’ and beyond with this twelve track compilation.


Just last year Mr. Vegas released the gospel album Soul Therapy, a project that spoke to the artist’s spiritual yearning as he endured painful personal challenges that were widely covered in the international press as well as social media. Since then he set off on a quest for knowledge of self and his place in culture as a black man living in the Caribbean. The result is a breakthrough album called Ism, which reveals a bold new sound and mindset that will compel reggae lovers to sit up, take notice, and listen to this well-known artist with fresh ears.


The entire album sticks to the classical roots reggae music apart from the final track, the playful dancehall cut “Wakanda Jam”—inspired by the African kingdom portrayed in the hit movie Black Panther—and “Love Up There,” an uplifting message set to a gentle uptempo riddim. The remaining 10 songs are inspired by classic Jamaican rhythms, given a fresh sound by Kemist, son of renowned reggae singer Marcia Griffiths, and producers like Frenchie of Maximum Sound and the France-based producer Cisko. The sound has a greater objective than to simply “buss the dance” and that no matter what style of music, it is clear that he has matured over the years. Simply put he is a master hitmaker with a rare gift for crafting compelling melodies that resonates for years to come.

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